In the last few decades, global interactions have become much more complex and fast-changing. Social, political, economic, and cultural issues have become more and more multidimensional and involved transnational engagement as a result of globalization, while there have been crises in nationalism and the loosening up of traditional national boundaries. Furthermore, the rapid advancement of information and communication technology is also responsible in transforming behavior, ways of thinking, and cultural productions nowadays.

Without repositioning themselves, the humanities and arts may suffer from stagnation, or even immobilized, as various cross-cultural and cross-sectoral phenomena are happening very fast. Therefore, the Center for Cultural and Societal Research (PPKB) of the Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia, organizes a special symposium that provides a rare opportunity for (senior) undergraduate students who are in the process of writing or finishing their final papers/thesis to present their ideas and insights regarding the current situation of their fields of study based on their visions and ongoing research. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to co-present with their advisees as corresponding author to help boost the spirit and motivation of their students.

The symposium will look at two major themes: Theme A: “Humanities and Arts across Disciplinary Boundaries” is designated for students learning philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, history, library and information science, religious studies, and arts, among others. Theme B: “New Imaginations in Language, Literature, and Arts,” is concerned with the study of literature, language, cultural studies, and area studies.

Congratulation on All Accepted Papers!

Revision Deadline: August 25, 2016.

Event Venue

Gedung IV (Building IV) & Gedung IX (Building IX) Faculty of Humanities (Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya), Universitas Indonesia. 

Event Date

August 29 – 31, 2016 

Documentation of the Event

Keynote Speaker

Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York
University, Canada.

Prof. Abidin Kusno

Topic: Humanities and Arts across Disciplinary Boundaries

Plenary Speakers

Curator (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).

Dr. Geuntae Park

Professor, Department of Philosophy (Universitas Indonesia).

Dr. Saraswati Putri

Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus).

Prof. Thomas Barker

Professor, School of Historical and Philosophical
Studies, Faculty of Arts (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Dr. Kate McGregor

Topic: New Imaginations in Language, Literture, and Arts

Plenary Speakers

Professor, Department of Malay Studies (National University of Singapore).

Dr. Azhar Ibrahim Alwee

Professor, Department of Language, Literature, and Communication (Utrecht University, the Netherlands).

Dr. Anne-France Pinget

Professor, Department of Linguistics (Universitas Indonesia).

Dr. Untung Yuwono

Professor, School of Media and Public Affairs (George Washington University, USA).

Prof. Janet Steele

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International Undergraduate Symposium on Humanities and Arts

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